fabric-637785__180I may have ranted about a few things I dislike about Christian fiction. Lest you think I’m a misanthrope, there is plenty I like about the genre as well. One of the big things is the variety of authors, topics, time periods, heroes and heroines available in the vast pool of books out there.

In the mood for love and a really great first kiss (in a book of course)? Read Denise Hunter.

Want something super scary because it’s Halloween? Steven James.

Gritty World War II? Tracy Groot.

Romance set in World War II? Sarah Sundin.

Luscious Regency? Julie Klassen.

Medieval mysteries? Mel Starr.

Culinary romance? Hillary Manton Lodge.

Bawl your eyes out? Karen Kingsbury.

Literature and romance? Katherine Reay.

Amish? Suzanne Woods Fisher.

Art and mystery? Sandra Orchard.

I could go on for 50 inches listing all the variations of topic and theme available for eager Christian fiction readers.

That’s the point, of course. There is so much to choose from! And when readers have choice, they also have discernment. Readers can choose what appeals to them, the authors they like, the writing style they like and even the publisher they like best.

Readers benefit from all the options, and so do the authors writing in the genre. With a few obvious exceptions—porn, obscenity, devil worship, undue gore, etc.—authors can write the books they have on their hearts. Good for them and good for readers.

Here’s my advice: read widely. Read books in subgenres you haven’t tried yet. Read authors you don’t know yet. Dip a toe in, take a small sip, nibble a new book.

And here’s my challenge: read one Christian fiction novel on a topic or by an author you haven’t tried yet. Let me know how it goes. If you’ve recently discovered someone new, let me know that too.

With all that variety out there, let’s share it with one another.

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